These moments

These curls... this girl... her insane level of energy... her deep deep love for adventures, exploring, outings, spinning, and dancing... I want to remember it all. Goodness, these two keep me busy- in sometimes the most challenging ways. But, then we get out. We explore. We jump, spin, and dance. Abram tucked in tight in the ergo on my back and little miss either holding my hand or running ahead to lead the way- these are our best moments. These are the moments I'll remember and that will bring a smile down in the depths of my soul.

Earlier this week, I checked little guy into the gym childcare while I took Bonnie for some mommy-me time in the pool. She was perfectly pleasant, perfectly obedient, perfectly over the moon thrilled for our little date together. With her tiny little toe dipped into the water, she exclaimed, "I love love love this!"

Sweet girl, I love love loved it too.

Then of course there's jumping in mud puddles. Always a win in her book. Abram seems to be a fan of eating grass. We'll work on that, little buddy.

Fruit of the spirit

It's 6am, the house is completely dark, and I've turned on every fan in the house in efforts to mask any sounds I may accidentally make. As with about every third day or so, the morning began at 4am with a hungry baby boy who puts up quite the fight to then go back to sleep. Let me clarify, he's up every day at 4 BUT, every third day or so, I lose this fight and he's just plain up (and throughout the night of course for his normal shenanigans). Yikes!

This morning however, I was able to get him back to sleep and am enjoying just a few minutes to myself before our spirited first born awakes with full gusto for the day. In the midst of the mumble jumble of course, Andrew has long left for work with a packed day ahead.


It's often said, "the days are long but the years are so short" in regards to parenting little ones. 

Yesssssss... these days are long and it seems that ours really have no end and no beginning. It's like one long, long, long day with constant ups and downs. Maybe we just have quite the kiddos on our hands but It's hard. Just plain hard. It's joyous, delightful, exhausting, frustrating, and wonderful all at the same time. In the thick of a challenging parenting time, I'm encouraged of course by scripture. In these moments to myself I am reminded that the "fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." Galatians 5:22-23. I need each of those fruits every single day and the Holy Spirit will provide them. Spirit, lead me. Spirit, provide me with abundant patience, with abundant gentleness.

And with that, the littles are up.... back to it, I go. Hang in there mamas! May you celebrate the littlest of victories, may you take that extra deep breath for self control, may you extend grace and kindness to those little toesies and nosies following your every step throughout the day.

And.... thank you to the mamas in my life for being an encouragement to me when I most need it!


Luke // Newborn Session

This session felt extra special to me. From start to finish, though newborn photos take the most time (by a landslide), patience, attention, processing, & editing to accomplish, they truly are my favorite. With both parents being active duty military, baby Luke has an amazing example of what true service looks like. In fact, his daddy arrived home from deployment just days before he was born. How special.

Kory and Amanda, I thoroughly enjoyed sipping on coffee, getting to know you guys and your story a bit better, and photographing your precious babe at our session together. Thank you for the privilege of capturing this time in your lives.

I hope Luke's parents and family can look back on these photos and remember this time together. I hope Luke grows up to see his keepsake photographs and feels the emotion and love that his parents have for him and each other.

You are so loved, baby Luke!

Below are some favorites but full gallery can be seen here.