Outdoors with our littles

She's my wild. My free spirit. My unpredictable. She's my beautiful. My princess. One of my greatest gifts. And my greatest challenge.

When outdoors, in open spaces- with no agenda, her spirit is alive. Her body is free. Her imagination incredible. So, we try to make random adventures a priority.

He is my stubborn. My precious. My giggler. My early riser and picky eater. He's my snuggler. My sweet. My temper tantrum thrower. My zero to sixty. He's my incredible. He's my miracle.

He's cautiously learning to explore and love adventures as much as she is.

I love these days. I'm thankful for these moments of beauty in our days.

Shot with Canon 5dMiii, 35mm 1.4

Christmas 2017

2018 comes with much anticipation and welcome. I look forward to much about this year. But first, a bit from our Christmas time with my side of the family in Texas:

I am grateful to have been with my family for this sacred time of celebrating Christ's birth. Seeing the cousins play together and get to know each other better was truly a gift in itself. Though the day-to-day was a bit crazy with five children four years old and under, I'm glad we had these days. What a blessing for even Andrew to get to fly down and join us just before Christmas! We didn't do much- in fact, the majority of our time in Texas was spent feeling quite sick and we were quite literally just surviving through each day. But that's ok. We returned to California with a fresh slate, boosted immune systems, an appreciation for each other, and a heart reminded of who we live for and serve each day.

Hey there, 2018. I'm so very glad to see you....

Eclipse Week: part 1 {Salem, OR}

We spent a week "back home" in Salem, OR this past August. It ended up being a special and monumental week to be in Salem as the total eclipse just happened to be taking place! The week seemed to serve as a final summer hurrah of sorts. Andrew had been working pretty crazy hours most of the summer and I knew that this trip marked the end of that and the start of a better many months ahead.

Bonnie and Abram had a blast with their cousins: Cora, Isaac, and Eliza. It is always so special to see them together. Months pass between our visits which means that each time we all get together, there's always something new to share and enjoy. It's also safe to say that our kiddos are still catching up on sleep from the week (it's been 2 weeks since we've been back!). They played hard!

Pictured below are some highlights from the first half of the week: